Sunday, 17 January 2016


Forest of Mist:

Amongst the silver birch trees
Lies a gray, cloudy sheath
Forever covering what is beneath


A flake of snow
Flitters through the wind's breath
And lands atop a lone road

Wednesday, 11 November 2015


I couldn’t. I couldn’t take it anymore. The frustration that resided inside of me raced around like a bike. I dragged my feet across the path, my energy completely vacuumed by this tiresome task, but someone opened up an outstretched hand.
It was my cousin.
“You’re getting better, that’s actually quite an improvement, keep trying.” he told me. But that still didn’t help. That was the word I always said to myself. TRY. But it never seemed to work out. Every time I would awkwardly prop myself on my bike, I would see the gravel crumble up and crush. Hear the gears swivel around and click. Feel my fingers lose grasp of the handle. And then came the fall, and it continued. Sometimes I managed to tame my impulsive, wild bike, but it always won and threw me off. Little did I know, that it’s small things that can add up to a greater impact, and that the one word TRY, can do so much.
Sometimes, I felt sad for my bike. Having to be heaved up again, and then rocketed to the floor. But despite all my failed attempts, there was something other than my family that didn’t want me to give up. Something that pushed me. A gust of wind that kept me going, and all those attempts turned out to be worth it.
My legs stumbled. My heart pounded. I came to a halt. I shut my eyes. And thought to myself, What would happen? What would happen if I succeeded? What would happen if I failed? No, this time, I wouldn’t let that happen. This time I would not fall down. This time I would be in charge. Just one step away from either failure or success, I swung my legs over the seat and the pedals woke up.
I. Did. It. I finally did it. Nothing could stop me. I finally learnt how to ride a bike. I ascended up the hill, my fingers tightly clenching the handle. I made a sharp twist and glided along the path, it was smooth sailing from now on. I attacked the wind brushing past my face and plummeted downwards. Sweat dripped from the tip of my hair, power surged through my veins, I was fearless. And the one thing I always wished for, finally came true. My ambition had overcome my doubt. For years, I dreamt of accomplishing this simple task. For years I dreamt of not being the odd one out. And that dream came true.
Bursting with excitement, I sprinted to the door and immediately barged into the house, I ran upstairs and told mum the good news.
“That’s great!” she exclaimed, and stretched her arms open to give me a hug.
“I’m so proud of you, I knew you could do it!” She smiled the optimistic smile she always smiled and my heart gleamed with pride.
“Can I see?” she asked. I nodded my head and dragged her down the stairs and we found ourselves on the lawn. I darted towards the bicycle and heaved it up. My foot pushed the pedal and I did it again, but this time, I was even faster. This time, the bike didn’t wobble countless other times. This time, the handlebars didn’t keep me hanging on for dear life.This time, I was in control of the bike.
That night as I flicked the lamp switch off before I creeped into my bed, I paused and pondered for a moment. Had I really? The truth was: Yes, I had and now that I accomplished this, what else could I do? What lay ahead of me? What were all the desires deep inside my heart that I would finally accomplish one day? Were they really too farfetched? Writing a newspaper article at a young age? Writing a book? Making a difference in other people’s lives rather than just my own?
I stared at the ceiling.
“Well, I guess I’ll just have to wait to find out,” I said to myself.

And that was the day. The day that nothing could stop me.

Monday, 21 September 2015

Tiny Stories on Citizenship (Resilience and Reflection)

Ebony darkness permeates the room. Resilience springs up and guides you through the uneven path of determination. Even when you stumble, she is there to pull you back up holding you like the root of a tree.

“Look at the mirror and say to yourself, who do you want to be?” Reflection said in a soothing tone. “What do you see on the inside?” His eyes glinted. “Let go of your mistakes and fears and embrace your talents and targets, and you will become who you truly want to be.”

Sunday, 6 September 2015

Tiny Stories

The wolf howls for his lost l<3ve. Every night he yearns for the figure soaring through the midnight sky. The l<3ve he will never touch.

My ideas CASCADE onto paper. I am now DESTINY. I can make realms shrivel or ethereal gardens blossom. The choice, is mine.

Depending on when you met me...

Depending on when you met me, I might have been “A high schooler”, “Terminator”, The boy who fell into a lake, the spelling master, Mr.Big words, the 24/7 reader, the quiet and reserved boy with glasses, Fuzzy, a sax player, or the boy who didn’t tell people his dreams, but showed them.